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Plants feeling under the weather? Try Aspirin!

Germination Tips

For fresh seed or old seeds, we use pinto bean juice. We first soak dried pinto beans in PH water for 24 hours and then strain off beans and use that water for germination. This adds natural nutrients and for old seeds this softens the shell covering making it easier for embryo to grow free. The older the seed the harder the shell.

Germination Protocol

1. Rough up seeds using screen or sand paper lined match box, shot glass filled with 2/3 distilled water 1/3 hydrogen peroxide  wash seeds rinse with distilled water.

2. Tall glass filled with distilled water and 1/2 TEASPOON organic sugar soak seeds over night at the same time with another tall glass filled with distilled water add handful of dried pinto beans soak overnight. Next day separate pinto beans from Pinto bean juice, then remove seeds from 1st glass of sugar water and add to pinto bean juice for 24 hours. You should see embryos that are now receiving nutrients from bean juice. Great method for older seeds, we have cracked 50 year old seed using this method.

State of seeds

The Drug war was the most successful Ponzi scheme of all time. The making of Mother Nature’s healing plants illegal and the sale of chemically concocted copies a war against humanity. The making of putting folks in jail a business another war against humanity. It empowered the police state we live in today. My biggest victory in the Drug War is when Thailand used my book The 15 Ounce Pound as a reference for medical legalization, when they refused to recognize cannabis patents. Cannabis has been in the Thai and Chinese pharmacopeia over 6000 years. The use of cannabis for epilepsy, spasticity, headaches, and hundreds of other ailments have been in use thousands of years. The power of cannabis which has always been legal, could not be stopped by prohibition.
It’s as if the Dutch created the year 0 for cannabis and everything since 1990 has been the Dutch way. Dutch marketing fraud created from Lies, Deceptions, and Fraud by controlling cannabis media and information. In the US we spend 6 Billion dollars a year in electricity consumption on indoor grows. Photoperiodism, the most important step for growing year round in greenhouses was left out of grow books, if this had been taught that would have only been 1.5 Billion. Multiply that by 30 years of Dutch fraud, growers have over paid power companies over 150 Billion dollars. The Dutch have created generations of Zombie growers who follow backward technique that only make power companies, nutrient companies, and light manufacturing companies richer. Growers are taxed by the cannabis industry and they didn’t even know it!
Prior to 2015 Oregon Cannabis had always been known as some of the finest ganja in the world, that is not the case today. 90% of the cannabis gown in Oregon now use feminized seeds and auto flowering seeds. This seeds has no legs, short time high if at all, and immature seed in the middle of the buds, very little taste. These sexual confused strains can never reach sinsemilla quality. Sinsemilla quality is when real male plants are culled and only true female plants grown. These female plants go into overdrive producing resin in the hopes and anticipation of them getting pollinated by male that will never happen, this is a true medical plant that reaches the utmost potential. Due to the misinformation, todays growers never grow stress free cannabis plants. It was cool when you were getting $4000 a pound, so if it cost you a $1000 a pound to grow, you still 4X your $$, that is not the case now. The dispensaries are selling weed akin to the bricked Mexican commercial cannabis. To find real weed in Oregon difficult as there are only a dozen or so who truly sell craft cannabis, in fact what the industry calls craft cannabis standardization 9 out of 10 garbage. Since 2015 legalization we have had 5-6 waves of investors. We are now on a complete corporate level with folks who don’t even smoke or use cannabis products. All they are looking for is quick turn over, so feminization attractive because they think they will have more turn over, they are wrong, and are the main reason legalization is driving black market.
At the last Indo Expo in Denver from the dozens of seed sellers Gold Crown Seeds was the only one selling real seeds from Mother Nature. When you came in the door you were confronted by seed companies pushing feminized seed on false premise. Somehow buyers believe this that feminized seeds are guaranteed females, the catch is that you still have to sex them, and at any point the plants can hermaphrodite. Sexually confused plants do not produce sinsemilla and not medical quality or recreational due to inferior quality, The shit don’t get you high.
My mission has always been to reintroduce original cannabis flavors, reintroduce full spectrum cannabis. No matter what you may believe the cannabis of today is inferior to what we imported from Hawaii, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, Jamaica and all the hash producing countries exports. The next wave of investment will come when the US federally legalizes, then the flower industry steps in and takes over production. This I hope will bring up the quality.
I blame Dutch marketing fraud, Cervantes, Rosenthal, Clark, Watson, Mel Frank, High Times for creating generations of Zombie growers who were taught to spend more and grow less of a plant that grows in the wild cannabis.
When I wrote Less Light More Weight in Skunk magazine, they were told that if they printed another Joe Pietri article they would stop all Dutch advertising, which was 60% of their business. I have cost the industry Billions by teach Photoperiodic control biology 101.

Why does your plant stretch?

You created a light junkie on 18-6, 20-4, 24 on, in veg. When you switch to 12-12, the plant stretches for a light fix.

All of those schedules make no horticultural sense.

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Hashish Tip

When you look at your trichomes, do you see green?

No – you see clear, cloudy, then amber. Then why is your hashish green?

It’s been over processed and plant matter has contaminated the mix.

Marijuana Botany?

There is no such thing as marijuana botany, just botany. This is where the fraud got started by Robert C. Clarke, then Rosenthal and Cervantes. Cannabis grows the same as Chrysanthemums, both short day long night flowering plants The schedules in the grow books are long day short night, completely opposite of how it grows outdoors/ If you had to replicate these long day short night schedules outdoors you would need 2 suns. Wake up zombies, only one who always makes $$$ = PGE.